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Creative meeting space Rotterdam

Why You Should Host Your Next Meeting at Dutch Art Room Rotterdam

Are you tired of the same old boring meeting rooms? Are you looking for a unique and inspiring environment to host your next gathering? Look no further than Dutch Art Room, an art studio in Rotterdam that offers a creative and open-minded space for meetings, workshops, and events. This article will explore the many benefits of hosting your next meeting at Dutch Art Room and why it’s a great choice for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Breaking Away from Traditional Meeting Rooms

Conventional meeting rooms can be stuffy, uninspiring and often leave attendees feeling unmotivated and unengaged. Hosting your next meeting at Dutch Art Room, an art studio, will offer a refreshing change of pace and break away from the traditional meeting room setting. The atmosphere of the studio is open, airy and promotes a sense of freedom and creativity, allowing for an open-minded environment where fixed patterns of thinking are broken.

Encouraging Creativity and Free Thinking

Art is a powerful tool for fostering creativity and encouraging the free exchange of ideas. By hosting your next meeting at Dutch Art Room, you’ll be surrounding yourself and your attendees with art and inspiration, promoting a unique and stimulating environment. The studio’s atmosphere will help to break down barriers and encourage open communication and collaboration.

Flexible Space for Any Event

Dutch Art Room is perfect for a variety of events, whether you’re hosting a small meeting for 5 people or a workshop for 24 people. The studio is 100m2 and has a capacity of up to 22 people in a conference setup and up to 48 people in theater-style. The large open space with high ceilings (almost 4 meters) and beautiful natural light will provide a spacious and comfortable setting for any event.

Fully Equipped for All Meeting Needs

Dutch Art Room is fully equipped with all necessary meeting equipment, including a projector, screen, and whiteboard. The studio also offers wifi and power outlets throughout the space to accommodate for all of your technical needs. This allows for easy conduct of presentations and workshops, so that you can

Customized Catering Services

In addition to providing a unique and inspiring environment, Dutch Art Room also offers customized catering services featuring fresh and natural products. Whether you’re looking for a simple coffee break or a full-fledged lunch, our team will work with you to create a menu that meets your needs. This ensures that your attendees are well taken care of and nourished throughout the meeting, promoting a productive and efficient work environment.

Convenient Location and Amenities

Dutch Art Room is located in Rotterdam and is easily accessible by car and public transport. The studio also has enough parking spaces available for your convenience. The host/hostess will also be on hand to ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.


Dutch Art Room is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations looking for a unique and inspiring meeting location. The art studio offers a creative and open-minded environment that promotes creativity, free thinking and collaboration. The studio is fully equipped for all your meeting needs, and the customized catering service ensures that your attendees are well taken care of. With its convenient location and ample amenities, Dutch Art Room is the perfect choice for your next meeting, workshop or event.