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Unleash creativity at Dutch Art Room,

the home of artist Edgar Simoni’s studio.

Welcome to the captivating center of creativity in Rotterdam, where meetings or events blend with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in an inspiring atmosphere.

At Dutch Art Room, it’s about embracing the freedom of creativity, where imagination knows no bounds and fresh ideas come to life.

Whether you’re strategizing for your next marketing campaign, hosting a product launch event, or enjoying a private celebration, Dutch Art Room offers a unique setting that ignites the imagination and sparks inspiration.

Meeting location Rotterdam
Rent party venue in Rotterdam amidst art
Party venue in Rotterdam
Event venue Rotterdam Dutch Art Room

Meeting Venue Rotterdam

A meeting space in Rotterdam where creativity, freedom, and inspiration converge in an authentic setting surrounded by art and greenery. An inspiring space where ideas come to life during a meeting in Rotterdam.

Meeting location Rotterdam
verrassende feest vergaderlocatie Rotterdam

Party Venue Rotterdam

A space where you can celebrate life’s most important moments in a breathtaking setting in Rotterdam. Dutch Art Room is suitable for small groups of approximately 50 people to celebrate in an artistic environment.

Party Venue Rotterdam