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The prices for renting a meeting room in Rotterdam are transparent, so you can easily see how much it costs. Curious about the costs for your meeting or gathering? Request a quote. We are happy to create a proposal that matches your specific needs and requirements. All prices mentioned are excluding VAT.

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Meeting Setup

There are many ways to arrange the tables for your meeting. By default, our tables are set up in a boardroom layout. If you have a different arrangement in mind, please feel free to let us know. We are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Take a look at the various setups and discover the layout of our meeting room in Rotterdam.

The Menu

We work with you to create a catering plan so that you and your guests can enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast, lunch, snacks, and/or dinner. Take a look at our menu where the most popular choices for meetings and gatherings are listed.

If you have special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to discuss how we can meet your expectations.

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Prices for renting meeting space in Rotterdam

Rent Meeting Space

Half Day

Starting from €371,-

Morning or Afternoon/ 4 hours

Still Water
Sonos Sound System
WIFI (500 mb/s)

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Rent Meeting Space

Full Day

Starting from €648,-

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Still Water
Sonos Sound System
WIFI (500 mb/s)

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Rent Meeting Space


Starting from €245,-

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Still Water
Sonos Sound System
WIFI (500 mb/s)

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Meeting Package

Indulge in our comprehensive meeting packages with an extensive range of beverages!

What to expect:

  • Irresistible freshly brewed Barista Coffee/Espresso and Cappuccino, aromatic and perfectly prepared.
  • An extensive selection of fresh teas to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Refreshing homemade iced tea and a variety of soft drinks.
  • Crunchy snacks to keep your energy levels up.
  • Filled candy jars for a sweet treat.
  • Be surprised by delicious sweet and savory delights, specially selected for you..

A touch of delight for your meeting with our extensive beverage package.

Half Day
€ 19,50 p.p.
Full Day
€ 23,50 p.p.

mogelijkheden (korte versie)


Fresh Barista Coffee, Espresso, Creamy Cappuccino, Caffe Macchiato, Teas, Fresh Mint/Ginger Tea, Soft Drinks & Water; sparkling & still.

Half Day
€ 9,50 p.p.
1 dag
Full Day


€ 17,50 p.p.
Tempting selection of delicious croissants and other delightful sweet pastries. Creamy yogurt with crunchy granola, fresh orange juice.


€ 17,50 p.p.
Delicious filled sandwiches, salad, and juices.
€ 25,50 p.p.
Mini sandwiches with artisanal ingredients, wraps, grilled salad, soup, fruit, and fresh juices.


€ 11,50 p.p.
Three types of spreads, olives, schiacciattas, and assorted bread.
€ 13,50 p.p.
For example, with prosciutto and figs, truffle pecorino with grilled zucchini, sardine mousse, taleggio with tomato jam, goat cheese with date chutney, and almond hummus with roasted red pepper
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€ 24,50
Projector with screen
€ 95,-
70 inches
€ 350,-
Live stream set starting from:
€ 250,-
Presentation set for up to 100 people

Additional requests? Inquire about the possibilities.

Meeting Setups

Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam U-vorm opstelling

U-shape Setup

This setup is excellent for interactive presentations, sessions, or board meetings. Participants have plenty of space in this setup to take notes. The tables are arranged in a U-shape with separate tables at the open end, allowing everyone to have a clear view of the speakers and each other.
This setup is suitable for approximately 21 people.

Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam Boardroom opstelling

Boardroom Setup

The tables are arranged in a closed rectangle and are suitable for standard meetings where no screen presentation is required. Participants sit opposite each other, making communication and collaboration easy. Additionally, there is ample space for taking notes if needed.
This setup is suitable for approximately 20 people.


Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam Carre opstelling

Carre Setup

This formation is highly suitable for meetings without a presentation on a screen. The tables are arranged in a closed rectangle with open space in the middle. This allows all participants to see each other well and make eye contact. Furthermore, there is plenty of space for writing.
This setup is suitable for approximately 22 people.

Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam school opstelling

School Setup

Back to school! In this setup, the tables are separate from each other, with two chairs at each table facing the speaker or screen, just like a classroom. Each participant has plenty of space and a clear view of the same point, where the speaker or screen is located. Meanwhile, the speaker has a good overview of the group. Ideal for training sessions, intensive presentations, or workshops.
This setup is suitable for approximately 26 people.

Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam Cabaret opstelling

Cabaret Setup

In the cabaret setup, the tables are separate from each other. There are two chairs placed to the left, right, and behind each table. Everything is focused on a speaker or screen. This is an ideal setup for training sessions or meetings with long presentations or where groups need to work together intermittently.
This setup is suitable for approximately 24 people.

Vergaderlocatie Rotterdam Theater opstelling

Theater Setup

The theater setup accommodates the maximum number of people. There are no tables in this setup, only chairs. All chairs are arranged in rows facing a speaker or screen. This setup is suitable for approximately 50 people.


In addition to our meeting room, we also offer other facilities to make your meeting a success. We provide a selection of catering options, from a coffee break to a full lunch or dinner.

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Meeting Venue Rotterdam

An inspiring environment (meeting venue) enhances the creativity and productivity of your team. We invite you to explore our meeting space and experience how we can make your meeting a success.

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