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Meeting location rental Rotterdam

Meeting venue Rotterdam Dutch Art Room;

Imagine a meeting venue in Rotterdam where creativity, freedom, and inspiration come together in a colorful explosion of possibilities. An inspiring space where dreams come to life and ideas are given room to flourish during a meeting in Rotterdam at Dutch Art Room.

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Renting a unique meeting space in Rotterdam
beste koffie bij vergadering bij vergaderlocatie Dutch Art Room

Meeting Venue Rotterdam

With a size of 100 square meters, this studio-meeting venue in Rotterdam offers the perfect environment for meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and unique events. Here, you can be yourself, let your thoughts roam free, and let your creativity flow.

Meeting in an art studio;

a transformative environment that challenges and reshapes conventional patterns.

Available for meetings starting from 2 people.
Up to 50 people in theater-style setup.
Location is easily accessible by car and public transportation.
Ample parking spaces available.
You rent the venue exclusively for your event.
Custom catering; fresh and natural.

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Embrace the feeling of freedom, unrestricted energy, vibrant colors, and the exhilarating speed of creativity.

Join us at The Dutch Art Room in Rotterdam and witness the transformation of your meeting into a masterpiece. Unleash your team’s full potential in an artistic atmosphere that fosters inspiration and innovation.

Meeting Room Rental Rotterdam

Piekstraat 23F
3071 EL Rotterdam
The Netherlands



Your Meeting in Rotterdam is a Work of Art in Progress!

Every meeting is a unique masterpiece, full of color, energy, and creativity. Your vision for your meeting or gathering is our inspiration. Together, we create an inspiring meeting or event at our Dutch Art Room in Rotterdam.

Reserving a Meeting Venue in Rotterdam? Here’s How in 3 Steps!

Booking a meeting space in Rotterdam can be done in 3 steps.

Rent meeting space in Rotterdam space

1. Request a Quote at the Rotterdam Meeting Venue: Your Canvas

Share your ideas and preferences on how the meeting should look with us.

2. Online Approval: Admire the Artwork

Based on your request, we’ll provide you with a personalized quote for the Rotterdam meeting venue. Take a look and feel the vibe. Is it to your liking? Then you can approve the meeting venue online or contact us to make adjustments.

3. Your Meeting or Event at Dutch Art Room Rotterdam: The Exhibition

On the day of the meeting, everything will be set up as discussed and agreed upon. It’s time to shine at the creative meeting venue Dutch Art Room!

Rent a venue in Rotterdam for parties and events
Meeting location venue in Rotterdam

At the Dutch Art Room meeting venue in Rotterdam, you can be yourself.

Our studio-meeting venue in Rotterdam is housed in a beautiful historic building, which in the past served as a coffee roastery for Nestlé. Today, this location combines industrial charm with art. The high ceilings, rich in natural light, and the presence of plenty of greenery fill the space in Rotterdam. Combined with the artworks of Edgar Simoni and the soul of the creative space, this makes for a super fun and inspiring meeting venue in Rotterdam to be in.

Inspiring meetings at Rotterdam meeting venue

Here, dreams are born in hours, days, and sometimes even months…

The Dutch Art Room meeting venue in Rotterdam is versatile, colorful, and adaptable. The space is like a creative chameleon: we tailor it to the needs of your inspiring meeting. Ideal for a small group that wants to meet in a cozy environment in Rotterdam. Or for a larger group of 49 people who want to meet in, for example, a theater-style setup. At Dutch Art Room, everyone can hold extraordinary and unique meetings in Rotterdam in the Art Studio of Edgar Simoni.

With us, you’ll find the space and flexibility to make your meeting unique.

The location is easily accessible, both by car and public transportation. You can also take the water taxi, which has a stop right outside our door.

Meeting space in Rotterdam Dutch Art Room
Renting meeting space in Rotterdam Table setup for meetings

Surprise & inspire with this unique meeting venue in Rotterdam.

Guests are welcomed with a selection of delightful drinks, including fresh Barista espresso/cappuccino, refreshing mint and ginger tea.

Our catering is always tailored and naturally fresh, ensuring that your meeting or event is also a flavorful experience.

Book your meeting now at Dutch Art Room and experience our surprising location in Rotterdam.

More information about prices and facilities
cateringopties vergaderlocatie Rotterdam

The Menu: A Culinary Journey

Indulge in our carefully curated menu, designed to delight your taste buds at every turn. From refreshing beverages to mouthwatering bites, our culinary offerings complement the artistic ambiance of The Dutch Art Room.

* In Brief:


Savor the taste of fresh Barista Espresso, Creamy Cappuccino, Teas, Fresh Mint/Ginger tea, a variety of Soft Drinks, sparkling and still Water; a refreshing and invigorating selection.

1/2 DAG;
€ 9,50 p.p.


€ 17,50 p.p.
A tempting selection of delicious croissants and other delightful sweet pastries. Enjoy creamy yogurt with crunchy granola, accompanied by fresh-squeezed orange juice for a truly delectable experience.


€ 17,50 p.p.
Savor deliciously topped sandwiches, fresh salads, and juices.
€ 25,50 p.p.
Mini sandwiches with artisanal ingredients, wraps, grilled salad, soup, fruit, and fresh juices for a truly exquisite dining experience.


€ 13,50 p.p.
Experience a gourmet journey with options like prosciutto and fig, truffle pecorino with grilled zucchini, sardine mousse, taleggio with tomato jam, goat cheese with date chutney, and almond hummus with roasted bell pepper. A symphony of flavors in every bite!
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Enjoy delicious coffee at the meeting venue in Rotterdam

Seriously good coffee at every meeting

At the Dutch Art Room meeting venue, we approach coffee very differently. Our coffee beans are roasted by an amazing person who, according to others, takes coffee way too seriously; out of pure passion! With care and love, the coffee beans at the Rotterdam Dutch Art Room meeting venue are roasted to obtain maximum fats, minerals, vitamins, and, not to forget, flavor. They are fresh, bursting with depth, and layers of flavors that come at you.

Meetings with a Creative Twist

Meeting with a Creative Twist

When you book a meeting space at Dutch Room in Rotterdam, a blank canvas with paints and brushes awaits you. Being creative during breaks from the meeting, alone or with colleagues, promotes positive group dynamics. Creative thinking, pushing boundaries, and strengthening dynamics. Afterwards, the artwork is offered with varnish as a lasting reminder of unexpected possibilities and collaboration. Enrich your gathering with color and innovation in the creative atmosphere of Dutch Art Room!

Can we arrange catering for our meeting?

Is audiovisual equipment available?

How can I reserve a meeting space in Rotterdam?

Are there special packages or arrangements available for longer meetings or events?

Is the meeting space exclusively for our use?

vergaderruimte rotterdam simoni Dutch Artist Rotterdam

“It’s the feeling of freedom without hesitation or any kind of restriction, energy, color, and speed. Heading into the unknown with confidence that it will all work out in the end.”

Edgar Simoni

Visual representation of our venue

For a visual representation of our venue and catering offerings, take a look at our video impression of The Dutch Art Room.

Please note that the artworks displayed in the video are subject to change over time as we rotate our collection. The layout of the meeting space can be customized to suit your preferences.